Mature Content

On WEBTOON, we provide our CANVAS creators with the option to turn the “Mature Content Warning” feature on their series. This feature allows creators to identify mature themes and content in their series. When a series has the Mature Content Warning on, prospective readers will be asked to confirm that they are OK with mature content before they continue reading. 

We encourage each creator to think carefully about whether or not the Mature Content Warning is a good fit for their series, based on their individual situations. 

Generally, we recommend turning on the Mature Content Warning in the following circumstances: 

  • If the series regularly contains sexual themes, such as frequent discussions of sexual acts or sexuality
  • If the series regularly contains violent themes, such as frequent depictions of blood or violent acts 
  • If the series regularly contains sensitive themes, such as depictions of mental illness or abuse
  • If the series contains excessive profanity on a consistent basis
  • If the series regularly contains material that is thematically inappropriate for a general audience, even if the series is appropriate on an episode-by-episode basis  

Although we encourage creators to utilize the Mature Content Warning to their preference, please note that implementing the Mature Content Warning in your series does not mean that explicit content that violates our guidelines will be permitted. Series with the Mature Content Warning feature will be subject to the same moderation practices as all other CANVAS series. 

If your series does not frequently contain mature content, but you intend to post an episode that contains mature content, we would recommend implementing a trigger warning or a content warning at the beginning of the episode. 

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