Recommendations for portraying sensitive themes

It is important that sensitive and mature topics are treated with care and seriousness that they deserve. When depicting sensitive themes, we would recommend to not include a graphic depiction(s) and to not romanticize, glorify, or promote said theme.

Here are some recommendations when portraying sensitive themes:

Trigger Warning

When your series does not frequently contain mature content, but you intend to post an episode that contains mature themes and topics, we would recommend including a trigger warning at the beginning of the episode.

Mature Content Warning

On WEBTOON, we provide our CANVAS creators with the option to turn the “Mature Content Warning” feature on their series. This feature allows creator to identify mature themes and content in their series.

Generally, we recommend using the ‘Mature Content’ feature in the following scenarios:

  1. Series regularly contains sexual themes, such as frequent discussions of sexual acts or sexuality.
  2. Series regularly contains violence, such as frequent depictions of blood, gore, or violent acts.
  3. Series regularly contains sensitive or mature topics, such as depictions or discussions of mental health, sexual assault, and violence, abuse, trauma, suicide, self-harm, sexual violence, and assault
  4. Series contains excessive and uncensored profanity

Please keep in mind that implementing the Mature Content Warning in your series does not mean that explicit content that violates our guidelines are permitted.

If you were asked to turn ON the Mature Content Warning, please leave it ON in order to avoid your series from being flagged or removed from the Ad Revenue Sharing Program.

If you’re unsure whether your content needs a ‘Mature Content’ warning, then feel free to to get in touch with our Community Support team and send us your episode or series for review

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