Suicide and Self-Harm

It is important that depictions of suicide and self-harm are treated with the seriousness and the thoughtfulness that they deserve. When portraying themes of suicide and self-harm in your series, we would ask you to abide by the following guidelines: 

  • All episodes that contain depictions of or references to suicide or self-harm must contain a trigger or content warning at the beginning of the episode. 
  • Do not include a graphic portrayal of a character committing suicide or self-harming. 
  • Do not romanticize, glorify, or promote suicide and self-harm. 
  • If your series regularly contains discussion of suicide or self-harm, implement the Mature Content Warning feature in your series. 

For the safety of the WEBTOON community, episodes that contain depictions or discussions of suicide and self-harm that do not follow these guidelines may be subject to removal. 

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