How can I join the Ad Revenue Sharing Program?

Follow these steps to join the Ad Revenue Sharing Program:
1. You will find the ‘AD SHARING’ tab under ‘MY WEBTOON’ if you are publishing one or more series on your WEBTOON account.
2. You can join the Ad Revenue Sharing Program by clicking the ‘JOIN’ button, selecting your creator type, and agreeing to the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of Service.
3. Make sure to read the Terms of Service thoroughly.
After joining the Ad Revenue Sharing Program, you can apply for Ad Display on each of your eligible series. Requirements for being eligible are: 
① Over 40,000 Global Monthly Pageviews; AND
② Over 1,000 Total Subscribers
* Calculation of global monthly Pageviews and Total Subscribers are based on the last day of the previous month.  
Once your application is submitted, we will review your content and account activity for approval. 
This may take a few weeks. WEBTOON reserves the right to approve or disapprove any requested Ad Display. Status updates will be available under the ‘AD SHARING’ tab.
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