What happens if I violate the policies and/or terms?

If we find that you’ve violated the Agreement or our Terms, we will notify you by email. 
We may suspend your Participation in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program. 
If your violation is severe enough, we may terminate your membership.
● Violation of Content Guidelines
If your series is inappropriate or violates any copyright law, your series or episode may be removed. If your series has been taken off the website, Ad Display will also stop. If severe enough, we may also restrict further uploading and/or cancel your membership in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program.
● Violations of Ad Display Terms of Service
If we find that you have violated any of our terms through actions such as invalid clicks, or other prohibited actions, we may cancel Ad Display on your series for two months or more. If the Ad Display on your series is cancelled, you will not receive any revenue gained during the cycle when your cancellation occurred.
● Suspension and Termination of Your Account
If we find that your content violates any of our guidelines, Terms of Service, or policies, we may suspend or permanently terminate your participation in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program and terminate your account.
Any balance you have in your account will be automatically forfeited and any series that has qualified for the Ad Revenue Sharing Program will have Ad Display immediately cancelled.
If you are suspended, you can apply to rejoin the Ad Revenue Sharing Program after 2 months from the start of your suspension.
If suspended or terminated, all your previous records relating to our Ad Revenue Sharing Program and payments will be completely deleted and cannot be restored.
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