How do I participate in Treasure Hunt?

Step 1: Access Treasure Hunt

You can access the Treasure Hunt page by tapping the Treasure Hunt icon at the top left side of your "For You" page.

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Additionally, you can access the Treasure Hunt page by navigating to "MORE" > "Treasure Hunt" on the WEBTOON app.

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Step 2: Read Instructions

Each quest has its own set of missions that must be completed. Read the instructions carefully before starting a quest.

Step 3: Complete Missions

Tap the button to go to the quest page. Finish each mission under that quest to complete it and earn the Free Coin treasure!

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Step 4: Get your Free Coins!

You will receive an app notification when your Free Coins are deposited into your WEBTOON account under "My Coins".

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Who can participate?

Currently, Treasure Hunt is only available in the United States, and service availability may be subject to change.

Users must be 13 years of age or older to participate in any quests.

Do Creators also earn money from Treasure Hunt?

Absolutely! In terms of revenue, Coins earned from Treasure Hunt quests and spent to unlock an ORIGINALs series will be treated like paid Coins used to unlock episodes.

WEBTOON users can support ORIGINALS creators by using their acquired Treasure Hunt Coins! 

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